Online Marketing Management

Online Marketing Management

Manage your online marketing: set goals and plan content that’s reusable across multiple platforms.

Our analysts assess your marketing effectiveness and work on an ongoing basis to highlight important successes and shortcomings, giving you useful and actionable insights to make the necessary adjustments to all of your internet marketing efforts.

Marketing Automation elements


It’s important to look before you leap. That’s why we like to start our projects with an assessment of your site. We look at:

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Email Campaigns and Testing

Email marketing campaigns can be cost effective sales tools, as well as an instruments for long-term relationship building.  To do this, emails must not only target what your customers buy, but why they buy, as well. Metrist closely monitors your email campaigns so that you discover more about your customers with each click through. Testing […]

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s free analytics program.  Some of the tools provided by Google Analytics, include: detailed statistics about website visitors, assistance with keyword selection, reports on advertising performance, and testing the effectiveness of landing pages. Making the most of Google Analytics can be time consuming and complicated.  Metrist Partners has worked extensively with Google […]

Testing gives insight into customer decision making

Implementation and Testing

You want the most from your web site and web marketing initiatives. That is why testing is critical.

Testing provides insights into how customers make choices.

Rather than remaining static, testing enables your web site and other web marketing initiatives to evolve and adjust to new markets and new opportunities, lowering the cost of acquiring new business.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM or Pay-Per-Click Advertising)

SEM (also known as Paid Search or Pay Per Click) refers to the advertisements on the top and sides of search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  Each time a potential customer clicks on those ads, the advertiser pays. Costs per click can range from as little as 10 cents to several dollars per click […]

Search Engine Optimization (Organic Search)

If you put up a website, but search engines put it on page 10, does it really exist?  Probably not to new customers or leads—the exact kind of traffic you want and need to drive to your site. It’s important to be seen. Our Chicago based consultants stay up-to-date on the most recent SEO factors […]

Social Media

Social networking tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter make it easier for you to spread the word and reach out to your network.  An effective social media strategy: •    Gets others talking about your business •    Drives traffic for your Web site At Metrist Partners, we help our clients with their social media strategies by: […]

Web Analytics

Why just guess at the effectiveness of your web site and internet marketing initiatives? Web analytics is about measuring customer behavior so you know the exact value of your on-line initiatives. 

Web Site Optimization

You’re getting increased traffic on your site.  Now, you want to increase conversion rates.  A proven way to do this is to experiment with different combinations of text and copy on your site, measure the results, and implement the most effective combination.  Metrist consultants have extensive experience with: Google’s Web Site Optimization tool; and Setting […]