How to Use Google Experiments with WordPress

Don’t be afraid of A/B testing — testing changes to your WordPress website is easy once you know how to use Google Content Experiments! Content Experiments is a free feature available to websites using Google Analytics, yet even the most savvy of web developers and designers shy away from trying their own experiments.

There are three reasons our clients and colleagues have for not to using A/B tests when contemplating changes to your website:

  1. Your website is perfect and couldn’t be any better. That, or you don’t want to be shown to have been wrong about the design, copy, or offer of your current page. Get over it by visiting Which Test Won.
  2. You lack capacity to produce alternative creative, or have no online marketing management processes for creating well structured tests and evaluating test results. In that case, view the slide share below and give us a call!
  3. You think that adding Google Experiments to your WordPress website is going to be a complex, time-consuming task. Good news for you — it’s easy to run Google Content Experiments on your WordPress website! And yes, there is a WordPress plugin for Google Content Experiments.

Here’s how to run Google Analytics Content Experiments on a WordPress website, in five easy steps:

[slideshare id=15980178&doc=googleexperimentsandwordpress-averycohen-130113225728-phpapp01] Google Experiments in 5 Easy Steps (using WordPress) from Avery Cohen

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