Software Industry Leads Content Marketing

How Software Companies measure Content Marketing success.

Software marketers prioritize their B2B content marketing differently than their B2B content marketing peers do.

B2B software marketers ranked “quality lead generation” higher than other B2B marketers, who tend to value brand awareness and visit acquisition. This according to a white paper recently released by the Content Marketing Institute. What’s important to your business?

The biggest challenge reported by the software content marketers that participated in the survey was “producing enough content.” And ranking just below that:Producing the kind of content that “engages.” It’s easy to see why for many marketers lag in measurement and have difficulty managing results. When you are struggling to “feed the beast,” there’s not much time left to optimize marketing content to produce engagement and leads.

Making “Sales Lead Quality” a priority requires strong collaboration between the sales and marketing functions within a company. If sales and marketing can properly align their messaging strategy, the content marketing efforts will be more effective. Online content marketing also delivers feedback through analytics, empowering strategic and tactical optimization.

You can download the white paper from the Content Marketing Institute. Find out more about Sales and Marketing collaboration at the 2013 CMS Expo in May.

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