Avery Cohen, speaker on online marketing management

Workshops and Seminars

Growing Your Business with Internet Marketing:

“We moved further in the 4 weeks of [the] workshop than in the 5 months of trying to do it alone.  He is able to speak to the concerns of neophytes as well as those who are up and running. ”  Don S., Business Owner.

Metrist Partners offers custom Internet Marketing seminars designed to help business owners and marketing managers transform their Internet presence into a high-performing source of leads and sales. <

Seminar topics include:

  1. Setting Goals and tracking results with Google Analytics
  2. Search Engine Optimization that Works for You
  3. Content Planning that Builds Your Customer Base

For information, contact Susan Shulman (susan@metrist.com)

Avery Cohen - Internet Marketing Workshop Instructor

Here’s what participants are saying about our seminar series:

  • “Fantastic class! Looking forward to implementing these learnings right away.” Karen P., Business Owner
  • “Your workshop on SEO was very informative and motivating. Your session provided me with a clear direction of the how’s and why’s.  I am now excited to get started!.” Susan M., Business Owner
  • “Direct and simple! Great start to understanding Google Analytics.”  Ceci M., Business Owner

Faculty: Our Internet Marketing workshop instructors have extensive experience in on-line marketing with businesses in a wide range of industries and sizes, from Fortune 100 to start-up entrepreneurs.

Curriculum: You will learn to make the most of your on-line marketing initiatives. You will set goals for the coming year, learn to track results and gain insights into adapting to your customer needs. This series of small classes provides a hands-on approach with instructor-lead peer coaching.

Next classes: Contact us for dates.

For information, contact Susan Shulman (susan@metrist.com) or

Workshop Topics

Web Sites that Deliver

  • Identify your business goals and determine how your web site will meet those goals.
  • Evaluate content and calls-to-actions based on those goals.
  • Measure the site’s effectiveness using Google Analytics, and determine site revisions based on those measurements.
  • Create an on-line marketing plan that puts you in control of your results.
  • Convert more site visitors to leads and customers.

Search Engine Optimization Works for You

  • Assess your current site for SEO best practices.
  • Provide tips on site content, site structure, and linking strategies.
  • Measure SEO effectiveness using Google Analytics.

Content Planning to Build Your Customer Base

  • Plan your content for use on multiple platforms.
  • Create content that will improve your search engine positions.
  • Create content that is consistent with your sales objectives.
  • Discover new topics for content.
  • Use content to support linking strategies.
  • Track the effects of Social Networks on your online marketing plan.

Next classes Contact us for dates.

For more information, contact Susan Shulman

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