Carol Roth wants to be Oprah for Entrepreneurs

Carol Roth has been busy. She shed her job in investment banking to become an adviser to entrepreneurs, with the goal of becoming a celebrity like Suze Orman or Rachel Ray. Roth has been video blogging and completed filming a reality TV show pilot and her book “The Entrepreneur Equation” will be released in March.

Roth has been speaking to groups of entrepreneurs in advance of the book release, at the Lake County Social Media group and at The Big Ooga recently, and again on Thursday, 2/24 at 2BU Studios in Lincolnshire.

Roth talks about the risk entrepreneurs take on. Risks to their egos, risks to their income – 9 out of ten fail to profit. Entrepreneurs are in for an uncomfortable ride. She described the rule of threes: everything will cost three times more, take three times longer, and be three times as difficult as expected. Anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur had best get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The Entrepreneur Equation looks for ways to determine if this is the right time and the right opportunity. Roth talked about personal finances, evaluating the opportunity, and the personality required to be a successful entrepreneur.

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