Making the Most of Your Brand in the Digital Dimension

Online Marketing Assessment

Once you put your brand online, you want to ensure it’s optimized. But without measurement and content, that can be a challenge.  Some of the issues we hear:

  • The cost of customer acquisition is unknown or increasing.
  • Campaigns and landing pages that worked well in the past are no longer productive.
  • Search position is viewed in a vacuum with no underlying strategy or metrics.

We offer the following assessments and content strategy to make the most of your brand online:

Online Marketing Metrics Assessment: Identifies your marketing touch points and data systems, determines how to measure all important interactions.

Website Usage Assessment: Shows how people find your website, what features and content they use and identifies visit outcomes segmented by visit source and user behavior. Scores the effectiveness of campaigns and media and illustrates usability challenges.

Search Engine Optimization Assessment: Establishes a plan for monitoring and improving search position for keywords that will expand the reach of your brand and create value for constituents throughout your community.

Online Advertising Assessment: Demonstrates the cost of customer acquisition and document what’s working, what is not working and what is missing from online advertising campaigns.

Email and Social Media Assessment: Identifies the value of touch points that keep your brand connected with your diverse constituencies.

Fresh Content Planning: Takes a collaborative, write-once-publish-everywhere approach to content planning, informed by the initial assessments, your marketing position statements and stakeholder anecdotes.

Supported by the appropriate assessments, Metrist Partners works with you to create an action plan that includes marketing initiatives, budgets and supporting workflows.

Learn how an assessment helped one of our clients.