Implementation and Testing

Testing helps understand how customers make choices.You want the most from your website and web marketing initiatives. That is why testing is critical.

Testing provides insights into how customers make choices.

Rather than remaining static, testing enables your web site and other web marketing initiatives to evolve and adjust to new markets and new opportunities, lowering the cost of acquiring new business. Testing also helps to find the most effective marketing mix to reach and sell to the most important segments of your audience.

Web Analytics
Paid Search

SEM (also known as paid search or pay-per-click) refers to the advertisements on the top and sides of search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Implementing and managing paid search can be complex.  We can help through our Paid Search training or through one-on-one consultations. Read More »

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns can be cost effective sales tools, as well as an instruments for long-term relationship building.  To do this, emails must not only target what your customers buy, but why they buy, as well. Metrist closely monitors your email campaigns so that you discover more about your customers with each click through. Read More »

Social Media

Social networking tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter make it easier for you to spread the word and reach out to your network. At Metrist Partners, we measure results to help answer this question for the entrepreneur: Is online social networking worth it? If not, how do we make it worth it? Read More »

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