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Using Key Performance Indicators

According to the Web Analytics Association, “… a KPI is infused with business strategy — hence the term, “Key” — and therefore the set of appropriate KPIs typically differs between site and process types.” KPIs vary based on web site’s purpose, e.g., sales or lead generation.

Dialog Marketing and Customer Interactions are Focus of Pioneer E-Metrics Summit

By: Avery J. Cohen — Principal, Metrist Partners

Nearly a decade after the dawn of the World Wide Web as we know it, companies are methodically using the interactive nature of the Web to enhance their ability to create new customers, and to provide ever-higher levels of customer service. A diverse mix of software vendors, consultants, analysts and e-business managers and marketers attended the first E-Metrics Summit, June 26-27, 2002, in Santa Barbara, Calif. They met to identify and discuss the state of the art in Internet usage, measuring customer interactions, and creating improvements based on those measurements.

Learn From Those That Didn’t Buy

By Ken Novak and Avery Cohen,
Metrist Partners

The holiday season may be over, but you’ve got one last present to unwrap. There’s profit hidden in your holiday web log files.

What eBay knows that Robert eLee didn’t… (and how Lee might have won the war if he had)

Have you seen Adam Lashinsky’s cover story in the September 1 Fortune on Meg Whitman and eBay? It’s an excellent piece, with a lot to say to those of us in the web business. Three years after the dot-com “bust”, eBay is still among Fortune’s fastest-growing companies.

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