Determining Online Advertising ROI

An education company used analytics to determine its most productive advertising

Problem: A company that offered training in programming for mobile applications was experiencing a drop in conversion rates for new students and escalating costs of student acquisition.
Solution:  Metrist Partners evaluated online advertising campaigns, landing pages, website and social media content, and email marketing. Metrist Partners configured Google Analytics and KISSmetrics so that a full picture of prospect engagement could be collected and reviewed.

The assessment resulted in a map of students’ interactions so that the process of acquiring and nurturing students to applications could become more effective.We audited the client’s ad campaigns, website usage reporting and email tracking and found that their measurement of online interaction was incomplete and that they were not properly tracking the cost of student acquisition.

We were able to identify their most effective advertising platforms and campaigns. We updated campaigns to provide a path to test ad content so that the client better understands the reasons students register for their learning program.

Take away:   Advanced measurement tools can provide better insights into the needs of constituents, but integrating these tools requires coordination between the creative and development teams. A formal assessment brought to light important issues that lead to improvements in campaign ROI.
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