Client Success Stories

Avery and his team at Metrist have helped us increase our online sales. Their knowledge of the internet, assessment, and recommendations allowed us to make positive changes to our website.   Whether its website analysis, email newsletters, or social media use, I would highly recommend Metrist as a great source for optimizing your online business.

Leslie Berkowitz, Owner, Kidoodles, Inc. & More

Below is a sampling of our success stories:

  • Using web analytics, a publishing client discovered how to best use resources to maximize reader interest and justified advertising expenses to advertisers.
  • Using web analytics and email reports, we helped develop an email newsletter strategy that resulted in a doubling of page-views of an already mature on-line publication.
  • Using SEM and SEO, site visits to an information website jumped nearly 50% in a short time and ranking on Google’s search engine jumped from page 10 to the middle of page 1.
  • Using web analytics, we recommended changes to a retail site resulting in a 25% increase in sales.
  • Using SEM, one client’s local leads increased approximately 20%, and cost per lead was less than client’s yellow pages ad.

Your results may vary and weekly monitoring reports help manage risk and maximize returns.

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