Marketing Automation elements


It’s important to look before you leap.  That’s why we like to start our projects with an assessment of your site.  We look at:

  • Compliance with SEO Best Practices: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about driving traffic to your site.  Our assessment details whether your site is optimized for Search Engines. We look at keywords, linking strategy and site structure, and make recommendations for next steps.
  • Site Traffic: It’s great to drive traffic to your site, but what is the traffic doing once it gets there?  Our assessments analyze site traffic patterns and recommend changes to the site that will drive traffic to high value pages that meet your business goals.
  • Pay-Per-Click Assessment: So many of our clients are running Paid Search/Pay-Per-Click campaigns, but aren’t analyzing whether the campaigns are productive.  We review the campaign, looking at key analytics that tell us what’s working and what’s not.  Then, we recommend changes to make the campaign more effective.

We can do parts or all of these reviews.  Contact us to find out more.

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