Email Campaigns and Testing

Email marketing campaigns can be cost effective sales tools, as well as an instruments for long-term relationship building.  To do this, emails must not only target what your customers buy, but why they buy, as well. Metrist closely monitors your email campaigns so that you discover more about your customers with each click through.

Testing enables you to get to know your customers! Instead of sending out an e-mail message, send out a few variations of the same e-mail and see which gets the best response. For example:

  • Should you send out notice of “A Special Offer” or “A 10% Discount”?
  • Is it better to offer a discount or Free Merchandise with a purchase?

Testing gives you important insight into:

  • which changes will have the biggest impact
  • which content resonates best with customers
  • whether an email feature is cost effective

We’d like to help you incorporate your email marketing efforts within your overall customer strategy. Contact us to find out more.

It’s important to get ongoing feedback on your internet marketing activities.  Find out more about Metrist’s Analyst Reporting.

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