Web Analytics

Why just guess at the effectiveness of your web site and internet marketing initiatives? Web analytics is about measuring customer behavior so you know the exact value of your on-line initiatives. 

Here’s some of what web analytics can tell you about your site:

  • what’s working
  • what’s not working and needs to change
  • who’s coming to your site
  • who’s not coming to your site
  • whether new site visitors differ from repeat visitors, and whether you should respond to that difference
  • whether there are groups of site users with similar behavior

Using analytics, Metrist consultants:

  • determine whether a site feature is cost effective
  • communicate the value of your site’s content
  • respond better to your customers’ needs
  • adapt meaningful changes to your site that are cost effective
  • optimize your web site’s objectives, be that increasing leads, sales, and/or better serving your customers
  • lower the cost of web site development

At Metrist, our web analytics consultants have extensive experience with Adobe Catalyst and Google Analytics, among other tools.  Our consultants can help you:·

  • determine the most suitable analytics tools based on your budget & goals
  • provide custom reporting on an ongoing basis so that you have the data to make the appropriate decisions to optimize your on-line marketing goals
  • make recommendations based on our findings It’s never too early or too late to measure and test something new.

Contact us to find out more about how our Web Analytics Consulting can help make the most of your on-line marketing initiatives.  Knowing this information, you can proceed to the next step: Web Site Optimization to achieve your business goals.

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