Social Media

Social networking tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter make it easier for you to spread the word and reach out to your network.  An effective social media strategy:

•    Gets others talking about your business
•    Drives traffic for your Web site

At Metrist Partners, we help our clients with their social media strategies by:

•    Presenting customized training sessions on social media strategies
•    Developing social media strategies that are integrated with your overall marketing plan
•    Measuring the effectiveness of your social marketing efforts

We measure results to help answer this question for the entrepreneur: Is online social networking worth it? If not, how do we make it worth it?

We use tools that measure how much online social networking efforts is driving traffic to our clients’ Web sites and the effectiveness of that traffic in increasing revenue over time.  Visiting your site isn’t enough, eventually these visitors should convert to customers. Determining how effective social media messaging is at driving quality traffic to your site that eventually converts is critical to a successful on-line media campaign.

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