Search Engine Optimization (Organic Search)

If you put up a website, but search engines put it on page 10, does it really exist?  Probably not to new customers or leads—the exact kind of traffic you want and need to drive to your site.

It’s important to be seen. Our Chicago based consultants stay up-to-date on the most recent SEO factors so that our clients can achieve higher search engine ranking.

Our experienced consultants help you to:

  • Choose the right keywords for your site, including header, title and meta description tags.
  • Examine your competition and determine why their site is ranked higher on the search engines than your site.
  • Restructure your site’s content and navigation so that it is more visible to search engines.
  • Implement a linking strategy to other sites, a key component for search engine optimization.
  • Research and collaborate on Wikipedia edits that could benefit your search engine ranking
  • Stay on top of SEO trends, and advise you of changes in search engine algorithms.
  • Provide regular and custom reporting that will help monitor your progress.
  • Establish attainable goals.
  • Work with you and your team to implement our recommendations.

Our free SEO tools can help you get started.  Like what you see?  Contact Us to find out more.

Search Engine Optimization is important.  But for immediate results, we recommend Search Engine Marketing.

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