Are You Having a Happy Holiday? No matter what your business, this is your season to sell!

No matter what your business, this is your season to sell!

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It’s “Cyber Week,” we’ve heard no end of media talk about Cyber Monday and a record year for on-line consumers. But did you know that it’s also a great time for B2B e-commerce? The addition of “Giving Tuesday” on social media has been boon for non-profits.  Have your end-of-year campaigns been meeting your expectations?

I was speaking to a colleague over the Thanksgiving holiday who told me that Cyber Monday has been one of the best weekends of the year for her company’s B2B e-commerce website. It’s whendiscretionary budgets open up and people find a little extra time to try out new products, order new tools or complete projects that need doing (or starting) before the fiscal year ends.

Technology Roadmap: Sales & Marketing Convergance
While some of the sales managers I speak to are experiencing seasonal end-of-year blues, others are happily getting new leads as people in their target communities research in preparation for 2014. The changing profile of sales, with most of aprospect’s information gathering happening online, has led to convergence of sales and online marketing. Our friends at WebSphere Solutions are working out a technology roadmap for this convergence, and are conducting a survey on where businesses like yours are with regard to integrating their marketing, e-commerce and customer relationship management. Please take a few minutes and help with the short survey, and we will share the results with you.

A Time to Reflect and a Time to Plan for a Successful 2014
This may be a good time to assess your marketing campaigns from the past year and to set the stage for success in 2014. This past year has seen many changes in Marketing Automation, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Online Advertising. Metrist Partners would like to help you keep up with these changes. OurOnline Advertising Assessments consistently save clients thousands of dollars in wasted ad spending while showing them how to reach new audiences. Our Content Planning Workshops, informed by existing analytics data and custom keyword research, have filled the stockings of marketers with goodies to share with their communities.

Give us a call while you are putting your 2014 plans into action. We’ll make sure you get the most out of your online marketing with our unique approach to online marketing management.Contact Avery Cohen or Susan Shulman at 847-926-8280.

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