Google’s Mobile Update: “Mobilegeddon” Over-hyped?

Google is often circumspect when they make changes to their search algorithm, as most changes are made to keep ahead of SEO cheats. This is because Google’s brand promise to consumers is to deliver the best content in the world, and their new change to the Mobile Search policy is consistent with that promise. Simply […]

ABCs of Web Analytics

The ABC’s of Web Analytics

Brand management in the digital age means facing an ever-changing panoply of tools and platforms. To keep our brand connections fresh in so many places, we break down the tasks and hire experts. But then Google withholds our search term data, and no two search position reports show the same results. Fighting spam, Google wipes […]

SEO Changes 2013 - 2014

SEO Survival Skills 2014 at Joomla Chicago

Your website and its position in search engines is central to the success of your online marketing. For the past three years, people have declared that “SEO is dead.” But is it? Avery Cohen speaks at the December 11 meeting of Joomla Chicago North.

Google Image Search Controversey

Google Image Search Controversy

A recent controversial update to the Google Image Search user interface is made so that Google’s users can get the benefit of images without visiting the image provider’s website! Many webmasters are reporting dramatic drops in traffic from Google Image Search, despite continued high position. In addition to losing traffic, high-resolution images are shown on Google Image Search using the website’s bandwidth.

Bad news for webmasters, this makes it so that the primary use case behind the new Image Search interface is finding images, not finding websites.

Join Avery at CMS Expo 2012

Google Analytics and SEO at CMS Expo 2012

Metrist Partners’ Avery Cohen will be speaking at this year’s CMS Expo, May 8 – 10, 2012. The CMS Expo is an awesome place to learn about Content Management Systems as well as to use content to engage with your community and achieve your business goals. The conference is a perfect meeting for technology and […]

Your Online Reputation and Analytics

Reputation and Analytics – WBDC Chicago webinar 2012 02 “Assess and manage your online reputation” was the theme of the fourth webinar in a series for the Women’s Business Development Center of Chicago. We discussed how entrepreneurs can assess and monitor their online reputation using free resources. We discussed how to measure the impact of […]

CMS Expo 2011

If you are considering a CMS or are currently using a CMS, you want to attend the CMS Expo on May 2nd-4th in Evanston, Illinois. Avery Cohen of Metrist Partners will be presenting two sessions at the 2011 CMS Expo: SEO Marketing Made Simple; and
Google Analytics 2011.

SEO 2011

Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing. I had the opportunity to speak at the Content Management Association’s Chicago meeting on January 27, 2011 (see all the slides), talking about SEO for 2011, trends that are shaping Search, fundamentals of SEO, and tools to help your success.