Google Analytics ABC's - Acquisition Behavior Conversion

Google Analytics’ New Jargon – (and other changes)

Google Analytics has rearranged their menus to reflect a snappy new mnemonic: ABC – Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion. Now I have to go change all my workshop and speaker slides! New Google Analytics Menu Options - October 2013

The new options on Google Analytics menus reflect an approach to web metrics that we at Metrist Partners have talked about for a while: A) How do people find your website, B) what do they do once they get there, and C) what are the visit outcomes? Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion.

Google has changed some names:

New Name Old Name
Acquisition Traffic Source
Behavior Content
Channel Media

There’s been a change in the way Visit Acquisition Sources are reported. What was reported as “Media” in Google Analytics is now “Channel,” and the Social Media channel is separated out from other referring websites.

However, as of this writing, these changes in terminology have not propagated to Secondary Dimensions in reporting. So if you want to break out “Behavior” reports to see Acquisition sources for people who use specific content, you will still be looking at Traffic Source, Content and Media.

Along with the change in terminology, Google Analytics has added some simplified segmented reports, so that some basic assessments will be easier now.

A final change is that the data set threshold for sampled reports is now 250,000, down from 1,000,000. This means that more mid-tier companies are now candidates for Google Analytics Enterprise or another web analytics solution if they don’t trust the sampling algorithm or have a need for greater precision.

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