Tracking Contact Form 7 Submit in Google Analytics

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular forms plugins for WordPress, and a couple of advances have changed the way CF7 forms conversion success is tracked in Google Analytics. First, user interface best practices no longer display a “thank you” page after a successful entry passes validation. That thank you page was the success […]

What Are Spam Referrers? …and how to keep them out of Google Analytics!

What are spam referrers in Google Analytics? If you’re a marketer or webmaster, be on the lookout for spam referrers compromising the integrity of your Google Analytics data. So what are spam referrers, and how do they get into your analytics data? Spam referrers are bot programs that pretend to be web browsers. By “spoofing” […]

ABCs of Web Analytics

The ABC’s of Web Analytics

Brand management in the digital age means facing an ever-changing panoply of tools and platforms. To keep our brand connections fresh in so many places, we break down the tasks and hire experts. But then Google withholds our search term data, and no two search position reports show the same results. Fighting spam, Google wipes […]

Google Analytics ABC's - Acquisition Behavior Conversion

Google Analytics’ New Jargon – (and other changes)

Google Analytics has rearranged their menus to reflect a snappy new mnemonic: ABC – Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion. Now I have to go change all my workshop and speaker slides! New Google Analytics Menu Options – October 2013

The new options on Google Analytics menus reflect an approach to web metrics that we at Metrist Partners have talked about for a while: A) How do people find your website, B) what do they do once they get there, and C) what are the visit outcomes? Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion.

How to Use Google Experiments with WordPress

Don’t be afraid of A/B testing — testing changes to your WordPress website is easy once you know how to use Google Content Experiments! Content Experiments is a free feature available to websites using Google Analytics, yet even the most savvy of web developers and designers shy away from trying their own experiments.

How to Use Google Content Experiments with Joomla

Testing changes to your Joomla website is easy once you know how to use Google Content Experiments! Content Experiments, part of Google Analytics, runs the A/B testing of page versions for you, and there’s a Joomla Plugin that places all the needed Google Content Experiments onto your website pages for you. All that you need to do is create two (or more) versions of the page to test!

Join Avery at CMS Expo 2012

Google Analytics and SEO at CMS Expo 2012

Metrist Partners’ Avery Cohen will be speaking at this year’s CMS Expo, May 8 – 10, 2012. The CMS Expo is an awesome place to learn about Content Management Systems as well as to use content to engage with your community and achieve your business goals. The conference is a perfect meeting for technology and […]

Your Online Reputation and Analytics

Reputation and Analytics – WBDC Chicago webinar 2012 02 “Assess and manage your online reputation” was the theme of the fourth webinar in a series for the Women’s Business Development Center of Chicago. We discussed how entrepreneurs can assess and monitor their online reputation using free resources. We discussed how to measure the impact of […]

CMS Expo 2011

If you are considering a CMS or are currently using a CMS, you want to attend the CMS Expo on May 2nd-4th in Evanston, Illinois. Avery Cohen of Metrist Partners will be presenting two sessions at the 2011 CMS Expo: SEO Marketing Made Simple; and
Google Analytics 2011.