ABCs of Web Analytics

The ABC’s of Web Analytics

Brand management in the digital age means facing an ever-changing panoply of tools and platforms. To keep our brand connections fresh in so many places, we break down the tasks and hire experts. But then Google withholds our search term data, and no two search position reports show the same results. Fighting spam, Google wipes […]

Sales vs. Marketing

When it comes to a sales organization’s bottom line, business owners and executives know that separating marketing from sales can lead to skewed results. An integrated bottom line is where monthly content initiatives and result metrics are shared between Sales and Marketing. At CMS Expo, online marketing expert , Avery Cohen, will unveil the process […]

Marketing Automation elements


It’s important to look before you leap. That’s why we like to start our projects with an assessment of your site. We look at:

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Web Analytics

Why just guess at the effectiveness of your web site and internet marketing initiatives? Web analytics is about measuring customer behavior so you know the exact value of your on-line initiatives. 

Tracking Contact Form 7 Submit in Google Analytics

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular forms plugins for WordPress, and a couple of advances have changed the way CF7 forms conversion success is tracked in Google Analytics. First, user interface best practices no longer display a “thank you” page after a successful entry passes validation. That thank you page was the success […]

Getting it Right: Optimize with a Local Listings Service

When someone searches online for products, services, or organizations, search engines use location data in their effort to provide the most relevant search results. A local listings service gives you control over your listings on search so you can make sure that all of the information is correct and up-to-date. When You Need a Local […]

Giving Hylomar a Digital Dimension

How do you take a boring product and make it noticeable? Make it sexy. Make it bold. Entering the U.S. market has its complications. And for a brand that was once well known, re-entering after a decade hiatus presented it’s own set of challenges. Metrist Partners joined a team tasked with making an impact.

What Are Spam Referrers? …and how to keep them out of Google Analytics!

What are spam referrers in Google Analytics? If you’re a marketer or webmaster, be on the lookout for spam referrers compromising the integrity of your Google Analytics data. So what are spam referrers, and how do they get into your analytics data? Spam referrers are bot programs that pretend to be web browsers. By “spoofing” […]

Determining Online Advertising ROI

An education company used analytics to determine its most productive advertising Problem: A company that offered training in programming for mobile applications was experiencing a drop in conversion rates for new students and escalating costs of student acquisition. Solution:  Metrist Partners evaluated online advertising campaigns, landing pages, website and social media content, and email marketing. […]

Google’s Mobile Update: “Mobilegeddon” Over-hyped?

Google is often circumspect when they make changes to their search algorithm, as most changes are made to keep ahead of SEO cheats. This is because Google’s brand promise to consumers is to deliver the best content in the world, and their new change to the Mobile Search policy is consistent with that promise. Simply […]

Social Media Masters Summit – May 15, 2014

Metrist Partners’ Avery Cohen presented at the 6th Annual Digital Megaphone Social Media Masters Summit on May 15, 2014. The Social Media Masters Summit was created by and is run by Digital Megaphone, one of the largest and well respected social media events businesses in Chicago.  As one of the premier social media events in […]